An Emerging Leader

Ms. Kainat Malik, 39, lives in Tehsil Jam Pur, District Rajanpur. Rajanpur is located in the extreme southwest part of Punjab. The land is sandwiched by River Indus on one side, while the Sulaiman Mountains range on the other side. It is one of the marginalized and backward districts of South Punjab. In district most of the people work in agriculture sector where women play key role in farming and rearing livestock. Though, it is very hard especially for women to get education and raise voices for their due rights because majority of women are illiterate.

A Ray of Hope

One of the women community leaders of Tax Justice Coalition, Zareen Gul, 50, lives in village Basti Bux Wala of district Layyah in southern Punjab. The area comprises a semi-rectangular block of sandy land between the Indus and Chenab rivers. More population inhabits in western zone that neighbors River Indus. The eastern part of the district forms a part of Thal desert and is dominated by sand dunes.Zareen Gul is an illiterate woman who works in farming fields and belongs from a poverty-ridden family. She has a daughter and a son both are doctors – one is MBBS and


Mr. Shahid Shah, 42 years old, is a focal person of media engagement in a public manifesto campaign under the Finance for Development Project. He engaged journalists from print and electronic media during the campaign. He also played a vital role in drafting the public manifesto. As a core committee member of Tax Justice Collision (TJC), he conducted lobbying meetings with mainstream political parties’ leaders in Karachi and briefed about the manifesto.

“Eye Opening”

Mr. Shahzado Malik is an Executive Director of ART Foundation located in Mirpur Khas, Sindh. He is an active member of the Tax Justice Coalition (TJC) core committee. In collaboration with other members of TJC, he has developed Public manifesto and played an important role during tax for justice campaign. He has also organized Public Forum in Mirpurkhas and conducted lobbying meeting with Pak Sarzameen Party top leadership in Mirpurkhas and briefed them about the Public manifesto.  Mr. Shahzado Malik is working in the development sector for many years.

A Champion against Inequalities

Ms. Fiza Naz Qureshi is a Program Implementation Manager at Indus Consortium (IC) and Project Coordinator of Finance for Development Project. She is planning, implementing and coordinating the project campaign.  She organized and conducted the Tax Justice Coalition meeting in which they formulate the public manifesto. She along with the Oxfam team finalized the manifesto

Change Maker

“Awareness on of tax injustice and fiscal inequalities will shift the norms and attitude of the common citizens, the private sector and government institutions”. Mr. Hussain Jarwar, 45 years old, is National Coordinator of Indus Consortium. He supported Community Based Organizations to conduct the Public forums in their respective constituencies during Public Manifesto Campaign.

As Mr. Hussain Jarwar has an educational background in Social Sciences, he personally thought stereotypically about the concepts of tax and justice.