About Us

The legacy of the coalition commenced from 2014 and with the civil society organizations, journalists, pertinent experts, media persons and youth groups have been provided training on tax policy and then remained engaged in generating debates about tax injustice and inequalities on social, print and electronic media. Besides, seminar and walk on making Pakistan tax fair, a national tax summit, two national tax justice youth film festivals, consultative meetings and sessions with different stakeholders, developed IEC material and various researches have been carried out. In future the coalition is likely to reach out to like minded youth groups, consumer groups, right based organizations, parliamentarian and academia. It also actively influences decision makers to pursue policies and practices that combat extreme Inequality through a greater number of citizen and civil society organization around the world.

The campaign is focused on achieving substantial policy and practice change, aiming for a number of major reforms to reverse economic, political and gender inequalities. The tax justice coalition in support with global campaign will hook up the countrywide discourse on shifting the terms of debate and fiscal system. The alliance member’s are supported through training and sensitization sessions for enhancing
capacity to research, to communicate and improve their own and other’s understanding of the tax system of the country, corporate income tax, budget preparation process, effective advocacy tools and techniques and International Tax Justice campaigns.